Biodun stephens returns to cinema 2 years after “picture perfect”


Nigerian filmmaker, Biodun Stephens, has completed work on her new movie, “Joba”

Joba is the highly anticipated, faith based movie from Biodun Stephen. The movie is about the travails of a young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Oladiyun, battling between their marriage and faith.

The filmmaker announced on her Instagram page that the movie would be released exactly one month from now.

She also posted a one minute trailer of the new movie, “joba”

Biodun had an interview with PULSEng about her film and she said:

“I’m very excited and happy about the movie because it’s a very special movie for me. I will say the project is divine. I listened to a song featuring Tope Alabi and I must have listened to the song over 52 times while driving and when I got home, I knew I had to write something about it. I wrote it and without editing or reading, I finished and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning to read the story, I was amazed, so much that I didn’t believe I could have written it.

“So, after writing the story, I just shared it with my social media fans and that was it. I had moved on only for me to get a DM from a Nigerian, who is also a gospel singer reaching out to me and requesting for the cost and logistics to be part of making the project a reality.

“The journey has been ordained from writing to producing. I remember we didn’t have money to call Blossom but when I sent the script to him and told him I don’t have money, he called me back to say, Biodun, you know what, I just want to be a part of this project and it’s amazing how so many people have been reaching out,”

she told pulse in an exclusive chat.



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